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  • Knowing what you are selling or buying
    is the most fundamental part
    of any transaction.
What we do

Analyze Digital Advertising Environments

Digital advertising environments - display, mobile, video - are increasingly complex and require fundamentally new approaches to handling that complexity.

Our approach to solving for this complexity is to bring a level of control to our customers to help them best manage their programmatic advertising requirements.

As an advertiser, the ad environments must meet your specific requirements, anywhere you buy in the world.
We support 15 languages covering Asia, Latin America, Europe, and Russia.

As a publisher, the ad environment your audiences visit everyday is a key component to defining the value of your inventory. Look across everything you own and push that data into your direct sales efforts or your programmatic transaction stack.

Efficient markets operate best when both buyer and seller have complete control and transparency over what is being bought and sold. Proximic’s mission is to create that environment, at scale, and without adding excessive costs to the ecosystem.

Real Data

You deserve to see the data actually being produced for your content environments.

Fast Integration

In a world where speed is of the essence, you don’t have days or weeks to implement a solution. You can be live with our data within a day.

Customization Options

One size does not fit all. Each customer has very specific needs on what they want to target and what they want to avoid and for sellers, how do they classify their unique content.

Big data in... best analytics out

There's lots of talk about BIG DATA.  Processing big data is just another normal day at Proximic.  We deliver the best analytics to our customers that enables them to drive their campaign performance, page level and domain level analysis, audience analysis and much more.

We believe that bringing transparency to the online advertising ecosystem through actionable data will increase precision and confidence of ad placement in today's vast accessible inventory. Proximic builds on that foundation - everything we do empowers the media trading industry to make informed and more effective decisions in real-time.

Our goal is to advance the world of advertising by providing our partners with unique, world-class solutions that deliver the best data about online content.

Proximic by the numbers

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Topical Categories
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Best in Class Solutions

We offer one-of-a-kind solutions for both sell side and buy side
Proximic Agents

Having data is one thing. You need to be able to access it, make decisions and customize your targeting criteria in seconds, not hours or days. If your DSP does not have this on board, ask them for it or change DSPs.

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You have owned and operated sites and you have an extended network but you have no way of classifying all of that inventory. We can classify all of it to improve packaging for your Direct Sales teams and support your Programmatic Sales.

Audience Interest

Audience + Context matters. Your users’ content interest is the missing link to understanding the drivers of performance and finding upper funnel signal. Put context back into your audience analysis with Proximic’s Audience Interest Data Solution.

Proximic in 125 Seconds

Proximic Analytics works globally

The Platform Supports 15 Languages and Growing
Chinese, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Swedish.
Global Support

Our Customers include

The team

The Proximic team includes a group of seasoned experts in online advertising, digital media, branding, and contextual and search technologies who are passionate about delivering some of the most innovative and advanced media trading solutions the advertising industry has seen. The team shares a strategic vision of the opportunities and with the combination of extensive business expertise and strong technical acumen, lead a team of talented employees in the development of innovative products and solutions for the online advertising community.

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